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Reunion and Pride and Prejudice

I've lost track of the last episode of Reunion I watched (sadly, I tend not to watch live TV with full attention. I think I've been spoilt by the existence of seasonal DVDs). Perhaps later, I will do better justice to the show. I think I will get the DVD. It is not the best TV show by far that I've ever watched but it does have a lot to recommend itself.

I was extremely pleased by the sleight of hand they played when they revealed the final 'Friend' and that it was Samantha who was the victim. I suspected Samantha would be the murdered friend from the very first episode of the show (with the Will/Sam/C love triangle) so that clever twist really saved it all from becoming too predictable.

I have a strong feeling that this show will not live up to its potential. But, on the other hand, I have a soft spot for stories that tend not to do that.  

Recently, I have re-discovered my love for all things Austen. Multiple viewings of the 2005 movie DVD these past weeks helped. It's amusing because the first time I watched it (very early this year), I enjoyed it but was not particularly wowed. Now I can honestly say that - after RotS of course - it might just have been the best movie that came out last year. KK and MM (lol!) did a fantastic job but my kudos go to the director and screenwriters who made all the characters of that story really come to life in the screen - from excitable Mrs Bennet down to the singing maid.
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