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Reunion 1.x Thanksgiving; Veronica Mars 1 & 2

I can't remember the episode number but it was supposed to be a Thanksgiving-theme based one. It was a nice change having a re-run actually coincide with actual calender time.

In this episode we find out that Jenna's husband is gay and her marriage is a farce, Craig had an affair with his secretary and Sam already knew, Clare smokes, Aaron has no luck with pretty girls (doh!), Will still has feelings for Sam and that police guy wanted to axe Will for killing his father.

The problem with the last element there and why it wasn't as dramatic as it could have been was not so much the idea but the execution. There was no point building up the suspense of whether or not he would kill Will because we - doh! - know that Will is still alive in the Present Day. So all those commercial break cuts just before he cocks his gun really didn't keep me hanging on a cliff.

What would have made it more dramatic?

Keep the identity of the would-be assasin a secret. Let's keep wondering who this guy was and why he wanted to axe Will. (There's no law against even getting a younger actor to play the guy. I wish they had got 2 sets of actors for the leads.) And in the last frames of the episode, let's find out this guy was actually the cop and it was his future wife that talked him out of it. Now that's dramatic.

::sigh:: Like I've said ad nauseum, it's such a great idea but they're doing it all wrong! (*wishes she could grab hold of the screenwriter's word processors*)

I'm getting a double whammy of VM because while one channel is rounding up Season 1 reruns, another has started Season 2.
I wish I could get more excited about the show but I can't. I am still extremely dissapointed that she ended up with bad-boy Logan. I loathe good girl/bad boy cliches. And Internet spoilers have clued me in on what they did with Duncan's character in Season 2 and I hate that! Plus Veronica Mars herself has started to grate on me. She's just too... Mary Sue for my liking. Yes, I said it! ::folds arms crossly:: People keep comparing her to Buffy but they're not the same thing at all. Buffy had weaknesses, and needed her friends not just to support her and ground her, but also to fill roles that she could not do herself. VMars is like Super-Girl. She's always one step ahead of her adversary, be it villian of the week, season arch-villian or current boyfriend/random catty person.

Anyway, I didn't plan to rant about Veronica but about Logan.

I was reading VM reviews on the Internet that spoke about how Logan is always the recurring red herring of the plot or sub-plot and is always proven innocent. Gave me food for thought. Won't it be interesting if Logan pulls a Snape in the series finale? After season after season of being made to suspect him - only for him to vindicate himself - and we (or Veronica) finally, finally trust him - he then royally stabs her in the back!

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