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It has come to my attention that I have a penchant for making unconventional friendships. Or more correctly expressed, I have a penchant for making friendships with unconventional individuals. I have reflected on my brief but densely-experienced existence on God's good earth, and drawn the conclusion that the one constant prerequisite I have ever only required to promote a charming acquaintance to a person of a less transient nature is a lack of normality in said individual's personality. Perhaps this lack of regard for the norm explains why those who possess it in such surfeit seem predisposed to have so little regard for my own self.

I have been pondering writing as I am wont to do whenever the demands of work and life on my time make the dedication of time to that delightful endeavour an action that defies the world's definitions of responsible and wise behaviour suitable to a person of my age, status and obligations. However, at least one particular unconventional individual will be delighted that I have considered the logistics of marrying a beloved literary character, and two identical yet dissimilar encounters. I have considered an arrival on a water-core planet and the restrained clashes between Amazons of venerable standing - a consideration that will delight yet one more other than myself. I have even considered completing that centennial-worded anthology drafted around a personality that is the epitome of that is conventional in an unconventional existence.

Happily, my unconventional friends will not make themselves too anxious over this rather overly conventional choice of expression and satisfy themselves on reflection, that it may be caused by an inordinate and perhaps inappropriate fondness of the word 'unconventional'.
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