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I've been spending a lot of time in Jane Austen fandom. It's gotten so bad that I'm tempted to write fan fiction! The good thing about that is that unlike Star Wars fan fiction, I can make money out of my words.

Watched Casino Royale. I'm torn about my opinion of it. For one, I've never watched a Bond movie in a theatre before and now I realised why - they're too long! Still it was a good movie, just as good as all the Bonds that came before. I honestly didn't think it was that extraordinary, not even the falling in love bit which happened in Her Majesty's Secret Service as well.

Talking about Bond, I'm slowly building up the collection of all 20 movies for my dad, and ultimately myself. Perhaps I'll get round to reviewing all later but right now, just expect a critical analysis on Dr. No and the Dehumanization of Women.

Jane Austen and Bond aside, I did some SW writing over the hols. I've finally begun the 2nd and final part of Kaleidoscope and at 3 chapters a week, my mission is to complete that story by February. I've decided to turn the Bargain story into original fiction so I'm shelving it until July when all the insanity ends. I've *thought* of Thwarted Fate. :blushes: I *should* finish Cradle to Grave, Living A Lie, Conversations, Tangled Fate and other wips this year. I just don't know when.
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