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Return from Perelandra

Oh what a journey. What a glorious journey. I've never been so enraptured by a tale in years, so invested in a story that I could barely sit still, awed by Eve's glory, trembling through her temptation, crowing when Ransome gave the Devil a run for his money, intellectually and physically, rejoicing in the ... vindication of hatred when Ransome finally understood the meaning of righteous anger...


I smile fondly at That Hideous Strength but I'm not reading it for a long time. I just know I won't be able to put it down and then that would be The End, my last unread CS Lewis' fiction.

Talking about fiction, reading Perelandra made me realize how similar King's work is to the Space Trilogy, particularly this one. Devil in a man's soul, boogey man with skin peeling from undead bonds spouting curses, with a single frail human standing against the Beast, the coming of the Light... that's the pattern of Needful Things, and Eyes of the Dragon, and that Castle Rock story... No wonder I've always liked King.
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