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More on Perelandra

I just figured out the mystery of Ransome's wound - the one on his heel. It's the Genesis prophecy of the snake/Satan and man doing battle. The snake, who is Un-man, strikes the heel... The man, who is Ransome, strikes the head... and that's how Un-man eventually died, so to speak.

What really happened to the bent eldil possessing Weston's body? Was it 'our' bent eldil, Satan itself? I don't think that can be as I'm sure he shouldn't have been able to return to Earth and somehow I think he's still around. :-P So it was a lesser one? Does that mean that the no space-visa only extended to Satan? If then, why the need for a possession at all? This lesser eldil could have gone to Perelandra by his own steam. Or perhaps the rule is that they (bad eldil) can't leave Earth in their eldil form but they can return to it? :thinks: So the bent one/Un-man returned... since it was either that or be pummelled by the good eldil of Perelandra... Or perhaps Maleldil stepped in after the physical body was destroyed and unmade the bent one.

I'm pondering through all these scenarios because I'm trying not to arrive at one where, White Witch of Narnia-like, that un-man character would later emerge from the depths and wreck havoc on Eden. At any rate I was very glad that the Venus ex-Oyarsa was asked to remain and guide the Human duo.
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