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I finally completed the Tri-Challenge Winter Tournament at the WQGL thread. (Here's the link for interested parties). I'm so glad to have that off my plate. RX_Sith PM'd me a great idea for the next competition that I'm inclined to use. I don't know what discussion topic to come up with. I'm hesitant about starting a topic especially as my board access is so infrequent and so off (since most Jedi are American ;) ) that I won't be able to keep the topic rolling... Anyway, I'll sleep on that.

Hopefully, before tomorrow I will ::knock on wood:: complete Week 17 of Cradle to Grave which will leave only 10 chapters to go! And I intend to complete those ten before Wednesday. ::bounces:: Finishing something is such a rush. 

I've finished Northanger Abbey (which for some strange, crazy reason I've been calling Mansfield Park all this while!) and I will properly write something on that tomorrow. 
Tags: fanfic: cradle to grave, tfn, warrior queen gentle lady
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