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Jane Austen was so modern, she even predicted Star Wars!

I feel completely hypocritical critiquing a classical writer's novel so I won't even try to do Northanger Abbey.  I'll just do a little gushing. 


I love, love, loved what happened to Isabelle. Serves the 2-faced witch right!  I can't say I fault Captain Tilney in the least even though Catherine was not so generous.

I must confess that his affection originated in nothing better than gratitude; or in other words, that a persuasion of her partiality for him had been the cause of giving her a second thought. It is a new circumstance in romance, I acknowledge and dreadfully derogatory of the heroine's dignity; but if it be as new in common life, the credit of a wild imagination will at least be all my own.

LOL! It makes me think - in many ways, Padmé does fall in love with Anakin because he loves her so passionately, doesn't she? I think wendynat's 'Harder than Expected' really captures that when she says this:

Was it just a childish infatuation, this devotion he felt for her? As he grew older, as the years added lines to his face that stayed even after his smile dimmed, would he realize that love was more than just this youthful infatuation? Would he still feel the same devotion? And if not, where would that leave her?

At the very thought, a pool of ice formed in the pit of her stomach. Because she knew that, along the way, her feelings had changed. What had begun as an adolescent attraction, a love of being loved, had become so much more for her.

Along the way, she had truly fallen in love with him.

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