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C'est fini.

It is done.  Cradle to Grave is now definitely in the Past Tense of my FanFiction History.

FFN link and TFN link.

I feel so pleased with myself, I'm almost in tears.  I know it's silly and it's just fan fiction but completing that challenge (over 2 months late, I know) really makes me feel so Good about myself. It makes me feel that yes, I can still finish what I start and yes, I can still accomplish anything that I put my mind to and yes, when I say I will do something then I do do it.  I am not a loser or a quitter or a no-talent.   

I really need to thank all my reviewers, but especially  rocketscientistmy dear friend and my only reviewer on tfn for a long time, and some really cool people at Gandalf -Dumbledore -Obi-Wan who I think reviewed every single one of the stories, Ann Jinn who followed the series from beginning to end, Live Fast Die Never, TriGemini and Fialleril.  More than anything, their persistent interest and encouragement really bolstered me up and kept me going especially during the Dark Times of tfn.  ::hugs and kisses to you all::
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