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Remember 'Bargain'? The epic that became a series that will become the seed of an original novel when [not IF! WHEN!] I get round to working on it.    Well this is a cookie of a pivotal scene in it.  Consider it my apology to my flist for that little display I made a while back. ::blushes::


'It's as if they have a mind of their own.'
'The midi-chlorians? I thought you said they were not living organisms?'
'Perhaps I was wrong.'
'Perhaps you know nothing and I have wasted Naboo's money on a charlatan.'
Anakin heard the conversation as if it were a dream. He was dispassionately afraid, somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew his situation was dire. But he was also oblivious, disconnected somehow from himself. 
'We cannot keep him here indefinitely. Already his people are demanding for him.'
'Perhaps if you had acquired a less rare specimen...'
'You forget your place, Arbor. Would you like to be reminded?'
The first thing he saw when he woke was her face. So perfectly beautiful, it was frightening.

Sort of an 'all who look upon me will love me and despair' moment.
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