moonspinner (moonspinner) wrote,

I just updated Kaleidoscope on and tfn. Thank you so much 

fialleril for beta-reading.

I started a short story (or vignette, I haven't quite decided which) last weekend called 'The Tragedy of Darth Plageius the Wise'.  It's very unlikely I'll finish it soon. I want to work on Thwarted Fate this weekend.  ::frets and looks shamefacedly at reihla:: So here's a cookie to tide me by until it's ready.   Concrit is much appreciated. 



“The Jedi have it wrong. Darkness is nothing something be abhorred nor is light to be worshipped. Out of darkness, comes the light. If the darkness is evil, then so does the light it begets and so is life. What is one creature’s life but a mere candle burning in the eternal darkness of time?


“Between the choice of the two as Masters, which would a wise man ally himself with?”

The old man paused in his writings and looked out of the window. It had been a warm day and as the sun began its descent over the clear horizon, the clouds thickened ominously. Far on the other side of the lake, a small boat struggled against fretful waters as it made its way to the old man’s island. 

A portent, he thought and smiled.



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