moonspinner (moonspinner) wrote,

So it's turning out to be one of those insomniac nights. It's past 2am now and I'm too wired to sleep. Between what happened to C yesterday and my new Agatha Christie collection, it's easy to see why.

It was hard for me to squee about anything yesterday but there was plenty squee-worthy that came in the mail - 4 Agatha Christie collections, including 3 favourite omnibuses and a collection of shorties I've never read. The last time I read The Man in the Brown Suit, I must have been 13. That's half a lifetime ago! And I finally get to read the full Harlequin collection, not just bits and pieces from random anthologies. Oh and KA, one of the omnibuses has 'The Secret of Chimneys' so we'll have fun going over it together. :p
Tags: books: by agatha christie, insomnia

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