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Casting the Œdipus Trilogy

Œdipus Rex

ŒDIPUS, King of Thebes – Hugh Jackman
CREON, brother of Jocasta – Russel Crowe
TEIRESIAS, a soothsayer – Morgan Freeman
JOCASTA, wife of Œdipus – Lena Olin
late KING LAIUS (present in flashbacks) – Viggo Mortensen

Œdipus At Colonus

OEDIPUS: banished King of Thebes – Hugh Jackman
ANTIGONE: his daughter – Kate Winslet
ISMENE: his daughter – Rosamund Pike
THESEUS: King of Athens – Liam Neeson
CREON brother of Jocasta now reigning at Thebes – Russel Crowe
POLYNEICES: elder son of Oedipus – Hayden Christensen


ANTIGONE – Kate Winslet
ISMENE – Rosamund Pike
CREON King of Thebes – Russel Crowe
EURYDICE his wife – Cate Blanchett
HAEMON his son and Antigones fiance –  Josh Harnett
TEIRESIAS the blind prophet – Morgan Freeman
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