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What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Fast food - super-sized burgers, greasy fries, the works Do I need to explain the concept of Forbidden = Irresistible? Now if double cheese burgers were good for my heart…
Literary: Cosmopolitan/Glamour Not always intellectually or morally edifying and between articles of Healthy Living are ‘Lose 30 Pounds in 3 Days’ tips. But the make-up tips and the female awareness/empowerment articles are invaluable – to say nothing about How To Find the Perfect Jeans.
Audiovisual: Rise of Nations I'm not sure if video games apply but this is the closest thing I can get to guilt in this category. These two – Thrones & Patriots and Rise of Legends – are beyond addictive! I can spend the whole day on a Conquer the World Campaign! My fiancé had to un-install the demo version from my PC. I'm grateful to him. Really.
Musical: Mariah Carey , there's very little originality in her work, and her personality isn't the most awe-inspiring, but I spent most of my growing years wanting to be her and that's not something you forget easily or at all.
Celebrity: --- Can't think of any. I'm pretty mellow about celebrities.

Now I tag:-
bobill fialleril selenak knight_ander and laariii

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