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A New Rec and Updates

Title: The Inquest by REV042175

Main Character: Sabé Kelaria
Genre: AU. Mystery. Suspense.
Timeline: Intertrilogy. About 10 years after ROTS.

My Review:
If you like the Handmaidens of Star Wars Prequels, have a soft spot for Keira Knightley’s character Sabé, and Adore mind-bending mysteries, you’ll enjoy this story about mass murder, Imperial conspiracies and deadly secrets. /mischief

Thanks to the darling fialleril, Chapter 30 of Kaleidoscope is done, beta'd and up! /bounces

Week's Writing Resolution (Deadline 1112-Mar-2007):
  1. End Update Living A Lie.
  2. Finish Kaleidoscope Chapter 30. 7-Mar
  3. Finish Book of Descent II, Chapter 12.
  4. Organize Work-in-progress List. 5-Mar

Week's Reading Resolution (Deadline 1112-Mar-2007. Because I really need urging here! :P):
  1. Mary Westmacott's A Daughter's A Daughter. 6-Mar
  2. Star Wars Medstar II.
  3. G. K. Chesterton's The Innocence Of Father Brown***
  4. REV042175's The Inquest . 7-Mar

Tags: fanfic: kaleidoscope, fanfic: recommendation, story update, wip list
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