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Not Dead... Yet

If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, sounds like a duck, tastes like a duck, and feels like a duck…
… you drown it.

Road trips, particularly hours long, solo road trips that translate to semi-accomplished journeys.
Long, hard life that culminates to an eternity in Hell.

Metaphorically, I went to Hell and back several times this week.

Struggling with ‘Medstar II’. Lots of GFFA jargon.

Syncloth towel? Towel would have sufficed.

’fresher’s sonic dryer? What about just dryer?

Also… too slow. Too much back-story for someone who’s already read Medstar I. Get into the ‘story’ of the tale already.

And too many characters. ::sigh::

Read ‘The Dark Tower’ (The Lewis story not the King one). If Lewis did indeed write that which I doubt very much, he obviously had very good reasons why he never intended it to see the light of day. Colour me revolted. On the other hand, Walter H might just be an opportunitist with a sick bent.

Free weekend coming up. Meaning – no traveling, no guests. Just me, housecleaning, car servicing and leftover time to read and write.
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