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Meme #4 - Describe 3 icon meme, borrowed from uscathena

Comment and I will choose three of your userpics and you have to explain them in a post asking the same of your flisters. Also, feel free to choose three of my own icons and ask me to explain them.


First Batch for veronica_rich

Cynical by er_my_nee_2- "who first discovered the power of poetry in driving away love?" - is a quote from Pride and Prejudice. I found on a P & P community and it just called to me, you know. :P I called it 'cynical' but really it's more of snarky. I love Jane Austen snark. I have a feeling that she was the kind of person that made brilliant convresation and you'd never be quite sure if she was laughing with you or at you.

Blackout by moonspinner(a.k.a. me) - Is a shot of Elizabeth Swann from the PotC3 Trailer in what I suspect from spoilers will be a brawl in Singapore. It's also my very first icon. That particular black/white effect is from the actual trailer and the imagery struck me so hard, I decided to make an icon out of it. I called it 'Blackout' because that's what it looked like to me, like if she had just be fatally wounded and the effect indicated death.

Geonosis by angelxwingzwas my default icon for a long time last year. That's my hero Senator Padmé Amidala of the Naboo in the middle of the battle that began the Clone Wars. That particular shot was the moment just after she was wounded by one of the beasts in the arena and her posture says so much about her - her strength and her vulnerability. Most people tend to only see one or the other.

Second Batch for fialleril

Insomnia by grrliz - I think I found this in thewhiteowl's journal and I snagged it (with permission of course!) because it just sang to me. I'm always having bouts of insomnia and the icon was comforting. .... Well, not really :P but it was cool. Curious fact - It was the first icon I snagged when I got my Paid Account.

Bambi/Philosophical by killanidea - Curious fact - I've never watched 'Bambi' the movie and I only know the story from second hand. :P The image was pretty in a surreal kind of way and very Perelandra-ish, if you know what I mean... Definitely a picture for deep thoughts...

Elfin Padmé by fialleril - lol! Too many reasons. I liked the merging of two of my favourite fandoms - SW & LotR. Technically, that should have been called Elfin Amidala because it's very much Amidala in that image - very iconic, very symbolic, very not a 'humane' person. It's a plot bunny inspirer.
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