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HP5 trailer stills (Image Heavy)

Using my Angry!Harry icon because this was the book that began the CAPSLOCK phase...  

Edit: Fixed the links.

(Images courtesy IMDB & Yahoo! Movies).

Bellatrix in all her Avada Kedarva glory.

Those earrings really bring out your inner beauty, Luna.

The original Hot!Popular!Seeker! Girlfriend. Believe it or not, Harry Potter passed up her (above) for her (below)

The up & coming Hot!Popular!Seeker! Girlfriend. Keep working on that glare, Ginny.

The great man himself. In a mirror pose with the aforementioned Ex. I guess he's not quite over her yet.

Wow! Ron looks almost hot. However see above for tips on how to hold a wand with style. .

And this, my friends, is how bushy hair looks like in the Wizarding world.   

Dumbledore's Army is looking a little battle-worn. Luna's pants seem to be the worst hit.  They need to take lessons from Hermione and Ginny who seem to not have been in the battle at all.     

A face only a mother could love. (I'd love someone to make me an icon of him with that caption!)  

Oooh! Pretty, pretty hair, Lucius!   You're going to be really popular in Azkhaban.

Ooh, the pretty, pretty, pretty people! Doesn't Ginny look Bad-Ass? Hermione's got more practice though.  Could I sound more biased??? *g*

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