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The Year in Fic Meme as borrowed from leda13

Favourite story of 2006: Through A Mirror Darkly. It was crazy. It wrote itself. It finished itself. 'Nuff said.

Best story I wrote, 2006: Through A Mirror Darkly.

Most Underappreciated Story I wrote in 2006: This one is unanimous. Of Like Mind: A Life Less Ordinary. Nothing like getting all of 2 reviews even after linking to all of the Dooku character threads to tell you you're doing something wrong. *g*

Most Fun Story: Through A Mirror Darkly. (noticing a pattern, here?)

Sexiest Story: Kaleidoscope. Yeah, it's a dark kind of sexy. My favourite kind.

Holy Crap, that's wrong, even for you: Er... Be Careful What You Wish For? The Dark! Obi-Wan drabbles in Cradle to Grave? The Man Who Would Be Emperor? But I'm loathe to even claim them as *wrong*. I've seen a great deal worse! *sniffs*

Story that shifted my perceptions of a character: Cradle to Grave. I realized exactly why I disliked Obi-Wan ... and then I realized that I didn't dislike him per se, but the fictional (!) character that the fan girls proclaimed him to be. The real Obi-Wan is actually not an unlikable person.

Hardest Story to Do: Easily. Cradle to Grave. See above. There's nothing that starves the muse like writing about a character you dislike. It's a good thing that didn't last for long. (The disliking, I mean.)

Biggest Disappointment: Whose disappointment? If it's mine, then I'd say Of Like Mind: A Life Less Ordinary. See Most Underappreciated. If it's my readers and co-writer, then I'd say Thwarted Fate, Volume 2. *sniff*

Most Revealing Story: Revealing how? In terms of the writer or the story? Er... Pass? I can't come up with a candidate for either.

Story I Want Remembered: That will be a tie between Through A Mirror Darkly and the Bargain Series.

Fic I Still Love Most From 2005: Thwarted Fate. Because we will finish it one day, reihla. Amen.
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