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Rediscovering Sherwood

Thanks to everyone that wrote in concerns. My cousins are fine. They were never in any actual danger but it was a bad scare. A scare that England is quickly forgetting... until the next scare. *tired*

Happier news: For a nice change, my DVDs arrived before the weekend. Hubby and I spent long hours, watching Desperate Housewives Season 2, and the re-watching old, old, ancient Robin of Sherwood. That show is so old that I can’t even attach ‘Seasons 1 and 2’ to it, even though that’s what the DVD claims. It seems so pretentious!

Gosh, memories do glamorize things, don’t they? Especially childhood memories. I actually understand SW fanboyz who rage/fume at Lucas better. I watched ANH as a thirteen year old and wondering what the big deal was. I used to think that the fanboyz were clearly delusional because --- hello! --- the OT has all the faults of the PT: cheesy dialogue? – check; gratuitous action over character development? – check. But after a few episode of Robin of Sherwood, I get them. Their memory of the OT as this immaculate work of art is… completely false. But they’d protect that memory rather than face the grim reality.

Not that I dislike any part of Star Wars. Far from it. Neither do I resent Robin of Sherwood for not being the masterpiece that I remembered it as. If anything, I really amused myself laughing over the dialogue (you want some bread with that cheese?), the deus ex machine ex herne of some of the stories, the stereotyping of the Normans and the anvil-sized subtle themes of the corruption of the Church and the State.

But so what if it’s not as wonderful as I remembered and I probably would not look twice at it if it were being premiered now? As a wise person once said, it doesn’t stop being magic just because you know how it works. Once I heard the familiar opening strings of ‘The Hooded Man’, I fell back in love. With the nobility and goodness of Robin of Loxley. With the beauty and gustiness of Marion (Oh praise the stars for a time when freckles and bushy hair were trademarks for beauty!) With the angsty snarkiness of Will Scarlet. With the sweetness of Little John. With the wild, magic freedom of Sherwood forest. With the cunning of the Sheriff and the gullible cruelty of Gisbon. With the mystery and sorcery of the Baron de Bellem, with Morgwn the Witch-Nun and power of the Swords of Wayland. With the haunting, achingly lovely Celtic soundtrack…

I’d probably rant more as I steadily go through all the episodes. (Hubby and I’ve only watched 2 discs). In the meanwhile, here're a few memorabe words:

[Robin to Marion's first meeting in Robin Hood and the Sorcerer]
Robin: "You are like a May morning."

[Robin persuading Marion to stay with him, even in the Winter in Robin Hood and the Sorcerer]
Robin: "I'd build a fire at the cave's mouth, wrap you in sheepskin, and hold you close."

Wow! He's worse than Anakin!!! :O

[The Witch of Elsdon]
Sheriff: "Soldiers have a habit of dying. It's an occupational hazard."

[Alan A Dale. Gisburne just asked the Sheriff to burn Wickham down and drive its villagers into the forest]
Sheriff:: "As an example of what? Hmm? I'll tell you, Gisburne, shall I? Since you are obviously incapable of answering my question. As an example of your stupidity! Those people are my property. The fields that they work are my fields. And your masterly plan is to drive them into the forest to join up with that wolfshead!

[Alan A Dale]
Sheriff: "Why on earth did I agree to be united in the unholy bounds of matrimony with a pansy-face sixteen year old virgin? That is - if she is still a virgin, of course. Do you think it is worth the money, Gisburne? Could it possibly be worth ten thousand marks?"..."Why don't you answer?"
Gisburne: "I assumed the question was rethorical, my lord."
Sheriff: "Never assume anything, Gisburne, except an occasional air of intelligence!"

[Alan A Dale, Gisburne had his men practice cheering the Sheriff at the wedding]
Sheriff: "Well, put them back in their little box or do something with them!"

The Sheriff always gets the best lines! *g*

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