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Meta, Icon Question & AWOL Heads-up

What kind of Catholic are you?

You scored 74, on a scale of 0 to 100. Here's how to interpret your score:
0 - 25
You are a Centering Prayer (very progressive) Catholic.
26 - 50
You are an Ignatian Exercises (moderately progressive) Catholic.
51 - 75
You are a Divine Office (moderately traditional) Catholic.
76 - 100
You Are a Daily Rosary (very traditional) Catholic

The Second Vatican Council was much needed, as far as you're concerned, but you see no reason to push the church further in the direction of change, as many progressives urge. You like the dynamic combination of the traditional approach toward doctrine with the opening of the church to the world that Pope John Paul II (your favorite pope) represented. As far as liturgy is concerned, a reverent Mass in the vernacular is your favorite, as is a vernacular hymn with a feeling for the transcendent such as "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence." When Nicole Kidman returned to her childhood Catholicism and regular Mass attendance, you were thrilled.

When Nicole Kidman returned to her childhood Catholicism and regular Mass attendance, you were thrilled.

I was? I didn't even know she had! :p And the news doesn't exactly make me jump for joy. :p

I've been away for a while - and will be away for even longer - because I'm working my butt off in an offshore facility. There are all sorts of crazy firewalls in the LAN here so I'm making this post courtesy of Opera Mini 3.2, which is awkward, to say the least. But looking at the posts on my flist, my limited Net access is actually a good thing.

Please, please, please I don't want to be spoiled for Book 7. I've disabled comments to only Friends-Only and I've stopped watching a couple of communities until the coast is clear. By my calculations, I'll be getting the book by the 23rd. I'll come out of exile then :p but until then, flist, I'm counting on you. :p

Net downtime also means more off-Net creative time. There isn't much time as a whole on the job, but I do get a few hours in the day. Hours I've used to screen-cap a lot of Buffy Season 3 moments. I'm working on icons from that season, starring mostly Faith. I so adore that character. I'm also making Lana Lang icons, based on screen-caps I downloaded from the Net before I left land. Yes, my name is Leia Naberrie and I'm a Lana Lang fan! I've always liked the character but in Season 6 (currently airing over here), she rocks socks! She's beyond phenomenal. Sorry Chloe and Lois fans. I know it's standard practice to hate one and love the others. However why I adore Lois Lane, I think Chloe really needs to get over her six-year hang up on Clark Kent. It's no longer cute or sympathy-inducing, it's creepy and pathetic.

Question for my wonderful, talented, creative icon-making friends: How do you save a picture without conventional borders. I'm working specifically on this icon , and I used the Magic Wand feature in Photoshop to crop only the actual perimeter of the hand and the wine glass, but whenever I save it, it's saved with the square borders. Is there a trick to this? Am I using the wrong image editing software? Can anyone recommend something?
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