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Is it just me or did anyone else lose complete interest the Beast (in Disney's Beauty and the Beast) after he became Prince Charming?  Why is it that Lex Luthor's descent to evil in Smallville is more compelling than Clark Kent's?  Or that Harry's death in Spider-Man 3 was so tragic?   Is it just me or do we tend to empathize more with the Anti-Hero, the guy for whom good ness isn't second-nature  than the Hero who does no wrong?  

I've been thinking about it, and in the end, it's all about empathy.   I like my heroes with a dark side - Batman, Faith, Elizabeth Turner - because I can empathize with them.    It's a fact that we all face temptations.  It's also a fact that the real heroes and saints are the ones who fall and still pick themselves up.  It's easy to become the villain when life's dealt you a bad hand - Voldemort, anyone?  It's not easy to fight against nurture - and nature - and still try to be a better person.  And when those not-quite-heroes do fall and fall forever (the Anakin Skywalkers, the Lexes, the Irina Derevkhos), it's an even greater tragedy. 

Or perhaps, it's just because anti-heroes tend to be snarkier? :p

ETA: The poll couldn't launch in this entry for some strange and inexplicable reason so I posted an addendum here.
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