moonspinner (moonspinner) wrote,

More Alias questions

1. Was Vaughn's father a Rambaldi believer? If not, why did he kidnap Nadia from Irina?
2. How much older is Sloane than Jack?
3. Why, when and for how long was Irina a prisoner in the KGB high security prison? (Season 2 - The Passage)
4. Did Sydney ever meet Sloane before she started working for SD-6? (That is, when she was old enough to remember?)
5. Who seduced whom - Sloane or Irina?
6. How could an uber-cool chick like Nadia ever have ended up with a wuss like Weiss? :P!
7. Is anyone out there writing a Laura/Jack fic?
8. Has anyone else noticed that there are 2 Laur(x)s in this series - Laura Bristow and Lauren Vaugn - and both of them were SpyWifys? :O

Tags: question, tv: alias

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