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FIC: Mortal Instruments | 1, Adoption

Despite every ounce of common sense within me, I have started posting another story Mortal Instruments. *G* Still, I'm writing it in very much the same style as Mirror Darkly - with the odd, hop-from-one-time-to-another, happy-go-lucky way of that tale. And this time, there'll be no sequels! :D

fialleril , our recent discussions inspired this change of heart so I'm holding you personally responsible for this!

Title: Mortal Instruments
Fandom: Star Wars
Main Characters: Palpatine, Padmé.
Summary: Snippets from the life of Padmé Naberrie, ward of Palpatine of Naboo.

Here's the first chapter beneath the cut.

Mortal Instruments

1, Adoption

(3 months)

The small family huddled into each other for protection, father and grandparents instinctively forming a protective circle around the mother, the baby and the little girl.

They oozed fear and desperation and Sidious smiled at the hopelessness of their defiance.

“Kill the spares.”

Like living swords forged from red metal, the Red Gaurds descended on them. A blur of violence and it was over.

The little baby lay in the still warm, still flexible arms of her mother, bawling.

“Bring it.”

She was presented to her new “father”. He stared down at her red face with a benevolent smile.

Slowly, her tears dried as her tiny heart filled with native fear.


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