moonspinner (moonspinner) wrote,

Wank, rec and meme.

It doesn't stop being objectification just because the object of oogling is male so I finally did something about the shirtless Anakin banner. Watch the wanking begin.

Talking about sexual/gender issues, I recommend fialleril's rant meta on Gender roles in SW.

I'm having writer's laziness for my stories, so here's a meme that should get me back into practice. My fandoms can be found in my interests.

Writing Meme.
Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you 1-3 sentences from that story.


For veriond: The Jawa Goes West
For sreya: AotC AU - Padmé the Seductress
For knight_ander: Matriarchs of the Force
For fialleril - Something Anti-Gender Stereotyped

In Progress

For vanimy - Anakin and Padmé meet as adults for the first time

Tags: meme, tfn
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