moonspinner (moonspinner) wrote,

Why I'm far from Lost

I just read 2 articles on n-zone about the characters of Lost. The male:female ratio is 10:4. Of course, the passengers in that aircraft were more than 14, but those are the major characters the story evolves round.

Colour me unimpressed.

And it always irked me that Kate's character was the only woman that went along on 'missions'. Not that I dislike her character, far from it. I rank her as my 3rd fave, after Locke (No. 1) and Walt (No. 2) but I can see where all the accusations of Mary Sue come from. After all the only female characters with screen time are a pregnant woman, a spoilt brat and a domesticated, nooneknowsshesnot non-English speaking Korean woman.

Then another thing. I love mysteries. Honestly I do. No matter how many times I've read Agatha Christie, the books still fascinate me to no end. And one of the best things I loved about Harry Potter was the way the end always came from the left field. Now Lost is supposed to be one big supernatural mystery about this Island, right?

Maybe it's skepticism about JJ Abrams and the never-ending Rambaldi plot twisters in the latter 2 seasons of Alias... But I have a feeling that very soon, the writers of Lost are literally going to spin a tangled web of deception.

Tags: books: by agatha christie, meta, review: tv show

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