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It's mortifying to ask but how do you...

... report a harassing user? I've banned him/her off my LJ but this person keeps coming back under the guise of an anonymous user, verbally harassing and border line threatening me. I've seen far worse racist attacks in real life and I'm not in the least sacred but I don't have to put up with this. I checked the FAQ but all they suggested was banning the person which I've already done.

Normally the muse thrives on drama but when I have to stop typing to delete an offensive comment every 30 minutes, it breaks one's concentration. A paltry 400 words. *grrr* I have to put a stop to this.

ETA: I caved and disabled anonymous comments. marikology can keep sending their trolls over here but I've turned on IP tracking for everyone and every troll will be reported to hisherorits IP address. Coming from a user who flocks their journal, this harassment is beyond the pall.
Tags: racists, we've got a long way to go
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