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Recs & an Update

So here are a handful of links that have served to distract me from nano these past weeks:

Fanfic pet peeves #3: Attack of the evil ex-crush: With her usual blend of seriousness and wit, fialleril examines one more bad example of art imitating life and challenges us all to extend both our creativity but our ethics as fan fiction writers.

Lana: rodent. temptress. frigid asexual. un-All American Girl Next Door. Let's break it down: Can I just say how happy I am that this was written when it did? I speak from my personal encounter with marikology/tobywolf13when I say some (not all) Lana hate is linked to racism. Hopefully this meta go beyond the borders of Smallville to cut across other fandoms and make everyone ask themselves hard questions. Kudos to juxtoppozed for stirring the pot.

The MySpace Tragedy. I found this via r0ck3tsci3ntist and thinking on this still saddens me to this day. As someone who's recently come face to face with the Dark of Cyber Witchhunting, I completely related with this poor girl. I have no idea how I'd have coped if age and maturity were not on my side. Far too many people forget that there are real and fragile beings behind the user name and VDU screen.

So far so good. It's slow but it's steady and a nice, lazy weekend is coming up. Wish me luck!
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