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It's over.

wordcount widgets

wordcount widgets

I will still be working on the story. There's a little problem of a major denouncement of the villain that's yet to be written, but that will be a breeze compared to the major editing I'll be doing on the early chapters!

Thank You to the Nano team for organizing this amazing self-competion, to the writers who wrote pep talks for their encouragment and practical advice. Thank You to my family and friends for giving me just the write balance of teasing and space to inspire and to actually write.

And most of all, Thank You to all my LJ friends for your support!!! For those times when I was so far behind, I wasn't sure I'd ever catch up. For the encouragement when I felt I was writing crap! Even for the warm thoughts you sent my way when I was so emotionally frazzled, I couldn't write.

I really, really couldn't have done it without you guys. *hugs*

Now I just have one more favour to ask: next year, if for some Insane reason, I start talking about taking this on again, please someone shoot me. Thank you.
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