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Long Update: Trailers, Fandom & Writing

Long Update: Trailers, Writing & Fandom

Batman, Hayden & Narnia.
Who hasn’t watched the Dark Knight trailer? Am I the only one who was under-whelmed by it? Big explosions! Cool stunt effects!! Batman faces his greatest enemy yet!!! *yawn* Same old. Same old. Or maybe it’s just because it was a teaser? Perhaps the full one will be more spectacular? (Of course it doesn’t even follow that a bad trailer will make a bad movie just as good trailers don’t always make good movies.)

Talking about trailers, I’m steadfastly avoiding the trailer for Awake because everyone has been saying how much the trailer gives away the twist. So if you’re reading this, don’t watch the trailer of Awake!! It seems like the success of that movie has finally encouraged the producers of Virgin Territory to release their trailer. I watched it. It was funny in a European kind of way and since I don’t want to use the words ‘soft porn’ (oops! I just did!) that’s all I’ll say about that.

So far, the only things on my holiday watch list are ‘I Am Legend’ and ‘Atonement’… I will definitely buy both DVDs when they come out.

Oh and lest I forget, the trailer for Prince Caspian is out. It looks exciting, I grant you that. I could have done without the White Witch making her little cameo, and I just know I’m going to be disappointed with the Disneyfied version of a highly religious story. But I can admire the pretty and be expecting some icons from me soon!

The Sock Puppet Strikes Back!
In the You Can’t Make This Up category, a clique of Smallville fans headed by the marikology/tobywolf13 dual personality of infamy have declared their right to label Lois Lane a whore and make racist statements about Lana Lang. However, anyone who dares refers to Chloe Suellivan as a Mary Sue should be tarred, feathered and run out of the fandom.

Kaleidoscope Lives!
Happy writing days are here again. *g* I re-opened my Magnus Opus ‘But What Lies Beneath?’ yesterday. It was a shock to discover that it really wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Of course, there were the changing genders of Sabé’s (or is it Dormé’s) love child. Then there was the whole retcon of the Events of That Fatal Night… And Asajj lost her way and hung out with the characters even though she had no business in this story… OK. So it was that bad. But it was a good kind of bad. :P

Remember that poll I placed up mid-November? So far, the leading scene is the controversial “Hello, lover. Missed me?” If that doesn’t change in the next… 6 hours, I’ll post it as promised.

I wrote a whole chapter of Kaleidoscope on Sunday. … Then I re-read it yesterday and promptly deleted it. :O It seems to be my current modus operandi to reject my own stories. I still think it’s a good sign that I’m writing in that world again. I’ve given up on meeting the resolution to complete it this year but there’s hope that it will be completed.

Expect Narnia icons and the excerpt in the next post!
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