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New layout and varied updates

Hello friends and visitors. So I decided to try something new with my journal style. It wasn't easy and I dare say I'll change it right back!

It’s a little late in the year but I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas and/or Hanukkah festivals and the New Years. From what I’ve gleaned from lurking these past month, most of you did and that’s cool.

Varied updates & opinion of said updates:

• Fanfiction: I’ve updated ‘Kaleidoscope’ on fan and the TFN Saga

• TV Fandom:

o The Writers’ Strike is Over: ‘Nuff said.

o Smallville: The show is still hits and misses. I could have done without the blatant Chloe worship of 2 episodes back but the writers really redeemed themselves in the last one with my 2 favourite girls, Lana and Lois, kicking butt in their own way. (My personal wish is for AlMiles to do a spin-off show called Isis, starring Lana as the Anti-Heroine Saving the World in her own amoral way but since Lana is: 1, not Chloe and 2, not Chloe Sue, it’s unlikely that will happen). I’ve also given up that Lois would ever wise up to her cousin’s backbiting ways, that Lana would ever take Chloe to task for being hung up over her boyfriend or that Clark would ever grow his own grey cells and ask – no, beg – Chloe to get a life.

o So imagine how pleased I am that DC Comics wisely chucked the idea of making Chloe a ‘canon’ Sue!!! Karma rules! 

o The Sarah Connor Chronicles: For a long time, it was the Only thing on TV and that was major points in its favour. Because otherwise? I probably won’t be watching it. I hated T3 and as much as I adored T2 with its cool Isaac Astimov themes (Sarah becoming a Terminator, and the Terminator becoming human), the sci fi nerd in me writhes at the whole Screwing Up of the F***ing Timeline plot that was needed to make the movie work. I like thinking of the original Terminator as a whole complete story with T2 as a bit of very good fan fiction – an awesome read but really not part of Canon. (T3 is of course, the Baddest of all badfics).

This is why my thoughts on the Sarah Connor Chronicles vary with yet one more Terminator and Sarah looking more soccer-momish than Warrior Woman. I would have been more interested if the Chronicles spanned the time between the first two movies. It would have been more interesting from a plot and fandom perspective to see Sarah transform from the plucky but still soft young widow at the end of the first movie to the brutal, near-psychotic soldier we see at the start of the second movie.

• Current Events:

o Politics: There have been several female Presidents/Prime Ministers in countries across the globe: from Liberia in West Africa all the way back to Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher of Britain. It’s somewhat amusing that in the US of A, the global flagship of Enlightenment and Liberalization, a woman contesting for Presidency with a fair shot of winning is a novelty. (As for Obama, a black man, having a shot, that will be the topic of a very long meta.)

o Mysteries: Why on the discovery of his corpse, did Heath Ledger’s masseur call Ashley Olsen’s number? Did a mysterious MI6 agent-posing-as-paparazzi assassinate Princess Diana?

o Oddly Enough: The man-on-the-street Russian have no idea of the Romanoff royal family and the century-old mystery of the Missing Princess Anastasia.

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