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Jumper - 1st impressions. No spoilers.

One Star Wars geek girl moment:

Whenever David [Hayden's character] says "My dad", it was subtitled in Dutch to "M'n Vader" which at a quick glance could almost be "I'm Vader." *g*

Hopefully I'll get a new Millie icon soon. That shot of her in the snow at the end of the movie was so beautiful.

I'll probably give a more indepth review later. It was an OK movie, and it helped that I turned off the inner hype switch before stepping into the cinema. So I enjoyed the show for what it's worth. Which really wasn't as bad as the critics are apparently saying. Despite being a fan of Hayden, I have to admit that Jamie Bell totally stole the show.

"The parts were greater than the sum" would probably be the best description, I think.

I've created a Jumper tag. I think it's earned one.
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