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Despite the fact that it hasn't been updated in almost 2 years, Thwarted Fate still gets reviews. Sure, they trickle in slowly - more like once every six months, but they do come, especially when it's picked up a new reader.

Which apparently it has.

Reviews For: Thwarted Fate, The Book of Descent, Volume II

ch 1, anon. abuseFirst sentence in, and already I can't stand this story. Here is your first sentence:

"Casualties of the Clone War had reached millions."


Millions, eh? You must be the kind of lackwit that buys into the Travessite of 3 million clones making up the Grand Army of the Republic. It is truly shocking that people like you, and Karen Traviss, can exist. A short time ago, before I heard of this fallacy, I was young, naive, thinking everybody was reasonably intelligent - then my ideal worldview collapsed.

How can any person with a brainstem think that the 'GRAND Army of the Republic could be safeguarded by 3 million troops. And YOU! The clone wars had already taken a million lives! That's less than would die every second on Coruscant! THAT'S LESS THAN DIED DURING WORLD WAR II! Obviously a conflict spanning 'a galaxy far far away' would have less people killed than in a single war on a low-tech planet? Right? RIGHT?

I just don't get people like you, or Traviss, and your perversion of Star Wars, your tirade against the 'Talifans' who point out the huge, gaping holes in your logic, the relentless campaign you wage against reason and intelligent thought.

To all readers, beware: Don't read this. True, for a barely-evolved chimpanzee, the writing is good. But like with all writings from unintelligent chimpanzee, the *content* would be easily ridiculed by my ten-year-old sister.

I'll put up your first sentence again, so that all may see the utter trash that is the piece of your brain you used to call 'logic.'

"Casualties of the Clone Wars had reached millions."

I can see one escape route you might desperately cling to in your fevered mind, although it would probably require too much thinking to figure out. "But I said million_s_!" you exclaim feebily. "Aha!" says I, "but unless you're talking 9.9 million, the Republic proper wouldn't notice a thing. Relatively speaking population-wise, even 9.9 million would be like one person dying in China. Relevant? No.

:laughs again:

Ah, you Travessites. Wouldn't know logic if it hit you over the head with an encyclopedia.

Lack of brainstem. Barely evolved chimpanzee.

I don't get it. I just don't...


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