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Update in rant form

Well it looks like I only use this blog to send out birthday wishes – which is a good and noble thing of course – but variety is the spice of life and all that.

2008 has been a very, very busy year for me. I’ve lived on three different continents in three months, had a minor surgery and there are still unpacked packing cases waiting for me back home. These days I feel like if I’m suffering from perpetual jet lag.

I have a lot of fannish things I want to do. There are the stories of course. Kaleidoscope & Thwarted Fate haunt me and my NaNo story ‘But What Lies Beneath’ is burning a hole in my hard drive. I don’t even think (much) of Mortal Instruments anymore. I’ve stopped telling myself that I will write tomorrow, or next weekend, or in the airport lounge. It’s reached a point where I’ll just have to wait to write when I can write and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Then of course, there are the bunnies. The bunnies never die.

Part of the problem is that there are a lot of non-fiction fannish things I want to write about. I finally watched ‘Children of Men’ and boy do I want to marry that movie and give it lots and lots of meta babies. Reading through the archives of the witty sistermagpie’s journal have plunged me back into the dark world of Harry Potter-verse and I find myself in a staring contest with JKR’s abyss.

And I won’t even mention the recent episodes of Smallville including Lana Lang’s exit which managed to be sad, satisfying and so badly in need of in-depth meta. (And I won’t even whisper about the needs-to-be-completed Chloe Sue Deconstruction by the way.) And of course, I won’t breathe a word about the Season 3 of Supernatural and how much more appealing the show became now that the testosterone levels have been diluted.

Er… This post is kind of a pointless rant and perhaps the time I used to write this pointless rant could have been better served writing one of the many things I’m ranting about not having the time to rant. *headdesk*
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