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On Lexicons & Lawsuits

So the "J. K. Rowling vs. the Harry Potter Lexicon" saga has gone to trial. The Witness for the Prosecution punctuated her deposition with a few well-timed tears.

I have to give it to Rowling. She has a flair for the dramatic. Anyone who can spin writing a set of novels that made her richer and more famous than the Queen of England as something to garner pity is... really in the right profession. :D

Amongst many reasons, it's hard to feel sympathy for Rowling when this is a clear example of old indiscretions coming back to bite her in the butt. Unlike most other writers/creators who usually (and sensibly) turn a blind eye to fandom, Rowling has always actively encouraged and participated in her fan-base. The Lexicon in question was awarded honourable mention by her website. A great chunk of the padding in Books 5-7 (Remus/Tonks being prime) was lifted straight out of the Shipping Wars. I've said elsewhere that the last good Harry Potter novel was Book 4, Goblet of Fire which was written before the 3 years' break before Book 5, in fact, before the Dark Times, before Rowling discovered the Internet.

I have no doubt that she will win. She has all the big guns in her favour: WB, her lawyers, her money and the law. I would respect her a little bit more (which isn't saying much, I admit), if she and her defence just stuck to the facts - which are already in her favour - and spare us the whole 'underdog' act. Rowling is most certainly not the underdog in this case.

She is right about one thing, though. British people really don't care much for criers or whiners.

ETA: In case, my saracsm drowned out this point: I'm not saying Steve Whathisface is right to publish his Lexicon, I'm just saying that JK Rowling is not the innocent, wronged, and ill-used figure she's cutting to the world over this matter.

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