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Happy Birthday fialleril!!

Happy [very, very belated] birthday, fialleril!!!

You asked for ‘a humorous grown up!Anakin and Kitster BFF’ fic. Since I am such an abysmal friend, I compensated with two mini-fics for you.


Title: Collar.
Wordcount: 393

A/N: Inspired by the Clone Wars trailer, specifically this shot. Who knows? I might be clairvoyant and this might turn out to be canon!

“Then you lost the ship?”

Anakin sighed. Things would go faster if only Kitster stopped laughing for one moment.

“How many times do I have to tell you? I woke up and it was gone.”

“I know, I know, it’s just that I’m trying to understand how you lost a ship you fell asleep in.

Ahsoka was biting back a grin. This was intolerable.

“Are you going to help me or not?”

“Oh, what are old friends for, Annie?” Kitster said, dark eyes dancing at Anakin’s reaction to the name. “Just give me a moment to savor this.”

A cold suspicion filled Anakin’s heart. “This is not going to end up in Tales of the Jedi, Volume 5, is it?”

A positively evil look filled Kitster’s face and Anakin’s heart quailed.

Ahsoka, whose eyes had never left Kitster’s face, suddenly gasped. “You’re Jedi Jac Sparr!!! I knew I recognized you from somewhere.” Then her face turned even redder than normal and she looked at her feet.

She had got to watch holo-vids? Anakin thought, rather irrelevantly. Obi-Wan had never let him watch holo-vids for anything but the Feed!

Kitster was grinning benevolently at her. “Would you like my autograph?”

She looked up in delight, embarrassment forgotten. “Yes, please!” She said with a squeal and unwrapped her sash. Her sash! Anakin despaired of his Padawan.

At that moment she glanced up at him, and her enthusiasm faded distinctly. “That is, if I may, Master?” she asked plaintively.

He started. The ‘Master’ was always a shock. Now, coupled with the fact that Ahsoka was talking to him as if he were Obi-Wan... “Of course, you can,” he said firmly.

Kitster rolled his eyes. “Of course, she can,” he declared as if the matter of a Jedi Padawan making much over an Inter-galactic holo-vid star could ever be brought to question. He turned to the smiling Ahsoka. “What do you want me to write?”

“Oh anything,” she said, blushing.

And with a flourish, Kitster Banai, Anakin Skywalker’s oldest and dearest friend, did just that.

Later on, as they trekked across the sand dunes, Anakin read the writing on the Padawan’s sash with alternating feelings of horror and amusement.

‘To Ahsoka,

Hope you had enjoyed your visit to Tatooine!

Love from Kitster Banai.

P.S. Wearer is property of Jedi Anakin Skywalker. If found, please return to Jedi Council, Coruscant.’


Title: Stewing Plots
Wordcount: 305

A/N: AU. Post-RotS.

It was difficult to explain why he missed Kitster when the holovids showed his face every day. But then again, the face on the holovid was the face of Captain Jac Sparr, Imperial pilot extraordinaire or Brahim Pitt, the dashing, but actually not very intelligent hero of the long-running romance series ‘Secrets of Hills.’

The Kitster Banai who sat across the counter in the Skywalkers’ kitchen, chopping veg sticks and talking sedition could not be further from an Imperial lackey or half of a pair of star-crossed lovers.

“It’s hard to take the Rebellion seriously when its agent moonlights as the face of the Empire,” Anakin said over the stove.

Kitster waved the knife in his hands as if he were stabbing at his detractors. “Appearances must be kept. Imperial Intelligence will never suspect that their good-looking icon is in league with the enemy.”

“That good-looking icon is also the reason why a lot of young people are signing up for the Imperial Academy.”

Kitster tensed, turned back to his chopping. “Captain Sparr is the reason why I get complimentary tickets to top-echelon social events, and obtain valuable intel for the Rebellion.”

“You have to weigh the benefits of your cover with the downside of being a recruitment vehicle for the Empire.”

Something in Anakin’s voice made Kitster look up with a grin. “Wow, such eloquent rhetoric must be the result of a long discussion with Madam Naberrie – or just Madam Naberrie talking.”

Anakin’s eyes twinkled. “Maybe,” he conceded with a small grin. Then he looked stern again. “But we agree on this. Don’t laugh this off. It’s something for you to think about.”

“I do that every day,” Kitster said with a sigh and he pushed the last of the chopped sticks into the bowl.

His friend gave him a sympathetic look and flipped the sausages.

“Dinner is served.”


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