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Birthday Fics

Hope you like them. :D

For fpb “…a HP/Star Wars crossover…”
Title: Of Bats & Magic Men

“That must be disconcerting,” Whie commented, watching the bats flying out of the orange cat’s nose.

Ginny snarled, her hand brandishing the stick like a lightsabre and she opened her mouth to say -

“So what happens when an enemy does this?”

And in one swift movement, Scout reached out with one hand and the sticks flew out of the black-robed teenagers’ hands and into her own. She snapped them into twigs.

Ginny was too shocked to even move. Harry was faster. His hand flew out, “Stupefy!” he shouted.

The spell caught Scout flat in the back and she flew into the wall. Whie was already rushing, hand outstretched and tightening into a fist.

Harry felt the words close in his throat. Ginny rushed forward, but the other redhead had risen and the witch found herself in a bind as effective as a Full Body Bind.

“As you can see, Madam, without your magic sticks or your magic words, you are as futile as any non-sensitive.”

The four teenagers turned to see the new arrivals. Dooku and McGonagall stood at the doorway, the former smiling in his usual sardonic way, the latter frowning.

“Be that as it may, your boy will release my student or I will hurt you with my wand and my words.”

She was quick. Dooku stared down at the stick poking into his chest and his eyes narrowed. His hand twitched at his side, and he considered snapping her neck. Then he shrugged. The search for recruits in other worlds would not yield fruit here; and a demonstration was one thing: leaving behind enemies that could come back to haunt one was another.

He caught Whie’s eye and nodded.

Whie’s fist fell and so did Harry, to his knees and choking. Scout handed the broken wands to Ginny who snatched them up, tears of anger in her eyes.

“If you please, Madam,” Dooku said, staring pointedly at the wand to his chest. Slowly, every inch wary, she drew the wand away. She didn’t put it back in her robes but held it firmly against her side. Dooku bowed deeply and with a short “Whie, Scout” he left, his robes flying around him.

Whie and Scout gave the other two one last glare, and followed. Ginny stretched out a hand, a wandless spell forming in her mind. Without turning back, Whie drew his lightsabre and the spell rebounded against the blue flame.

While Harry and McGonagall attempted to get the counter curse from Ginny – whose world was filled with bats and could not speak for screaming – the Jedi made their exit.


For knight_ander: “…a ficlet or drabble featuring C-3PO and R2-D2 shortly after the events in ESB?…”

Title: Second Opinion

I’m terrible at droid dialogue but here goes nothing.

“Really, Artoo, I think it’s disgraceful the no-talent buffoons that masquerade the galaxy, claiming to be Sentient Anatomical & Medical Android Specialists.”


“Indeed, it’s just a fancy name for a whole lot of incompetence.”

Too hoo noot. Boop. Beep too?

“Well, I admit that it was serviceable…”

Too too beep.

“… and perhaps humans may not require the advanced anti-electrocution and High Speed Data transfer protocols our appendages provide…”

Too too boop.

“… but couldn’t they have at least upgraded the finishing? Chrome-plast, dura-steel-plex or even plexi-ore would have been a much nicer covering than that biodegradable, human-flesh-colored outer covering on Master Luke’s new appendage!”


“Short-changing? I completely agree. Why, even you could have done a better job than those medi-droid quacks!”



For bobill: “…a ficlet, anything you'd like, but something you haven't thought up of yet as you read this post. Something spontaneous…”

Title: Mirror, Mirror
Fandom: Star Wars AU.

“So the prodigal returns at last.”

“Did you really think I would leave my child with a monster?”

“And there I was thinking you had come to your senses.”

“Your Majesty, Ruler of the Empire, you forget that of the two of us, it is I who can not afford to live in delusions.”

“Did that hurt? There are few besides you who will answer truthfully.”

“Why ask when you already know the answer?”

“But I don’t. I don’t feel your emotions anymore. We used to be two halves of the same whole but you tore our bond into shreds. Now, all I sense from you is a mirror.”

“I tore our bond? So even after everything, I am still the gullible fool to you? Or have you really completely given yourself to your fantasy world?”

“So you still sense me?”

“I sense your anger. I sense your pain. I sense your desperation. I sense your madness.”

“Let me know when it stops hurting.”

“She told me what you did to her.”

“She is my daughter. I am her-”

“It takes more than blood to make a parent. Heaven knows we learnt that the hard way. What kind of fiend does that to their own child?”

“I did it to make her stronger. The way we were taught.”

“Yes, to make her stronger. Because to you that’s what she is – a very unique, very powerful, very expensive weapon.”

“How dare you? I love her! I loved you, you treacherous viper! Stop laughing! Stop!”

“You call me a snake. You are poison. He made you in his own image. You’ve never loved anything or anyone but yourself.”

“Even you cannot talk and scream at the same time. You always forget, don’t you, brother? You hurt me and I hurt you back. Only I do it so much better.”

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