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Boiling Rock of Squee!

Nothing beats discovering a show a few episodes to its conclusion. No evil weeks, months, years of cliff-hanging. No shipping wars or fan-wanking to sour it. Just long, long weekends of watching and squeeing and giggling silently to myself in the office when I rememeber Sokka's jokes.

I just caught up with what I think is the last episode released so far, the Boiling Rock Part 2. Half-way through the episode, I couldn't help myself. I had to pick up my notepad and start scribbling my favorite lines:

Big (Not So) Dumb Guy: “That’s him, warden. He’s the impostor.”

Warden: “You threw him in the very prison you were trying to escape. It was all part of Your Plan!”
Not-at-all-by-mistaken Identity Guard (sweating because Karma is biting through his butt right now): “It was coincidence!”

Love, love, love how the Big (Not So) Dumb Guy goes from being the weakest link to a total asset in the Escape Plan V2.0 . (But what happened to his girl and best mate? ::sob::)


I love Suki so much! I have been so scared since Appa’s Lost Days that Ozzai’s Demons killed her. I’m so glad she’s OK.

The rematch totally rocked. I kept waiting for Ty Lee’s Acupuncturistic Fists of Doom(TM) to make an appearance and I’m glad Suki had learnt from their last encounter how to avoid them. And wasn’t it totally cool how the young people were on top, fighting against each other and gravity while the old hands stayed below? Nice call back to the episode of Sokka’s Master and young fighters using their agility.

Is it just me or is continuity in Avatar solid-gold?


“Saving the jerk who dumped me.”

“I love Zuko more than I fear you.”

I liked Mai simply enough before but after that showdown, I loved her. And as for Ty Lee… Ty Lee who I’ve always thought was creepy and horrible with her ‘I Will Knock Down People With My Fists of Doom Because Azula Tells Me Too Even Though It’s Obvious That I’m a Basically Sweet Person Who Would Rather Dance’ attitude… Well, her split-second decision to take Mai’s side and use those same Fists of Doom(TM) on Azula (whose had it coming so bad you won’t believe) completely changed my mind.

Gosh, the protagonists for Boiling Rock were Sokka and Zuko, right? But the women - Suki, Mai, Ty Lee, Azula - stole the show.

Hands down.

“Seriously, you guys, didn’t you find any meat?”

Toph rocks.

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