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Why Spike & Dru were human monsters - and Angel was not

I've been watching the Season 2 DVD and something struck me in 'Innocence'. Spike & Dru had to protect themselves from the Monster because they still had some humanity in them - affection and jealousy, as the monster put it. Angelus on the other hand, was 'pure evil'. Interesting. There was a lot of talk in Seasons 5 about Spike, how he could love Buffy and want to be good without a soul. But when you think about it, he had loved Dru long before Buffy, and had even made a deal with her [Buffy] to get Dru back. And no matter how skankily Dru behaved when Angel turned in Season 2, there was real affection between her and Spike. I'll never forget how she carried him from the church when his legs were broken.

I think a lot of the reason why Dru and Spike held on to a little bit of their humanity - and why Angel did not - is because of what they were when they were humans. Angel said something like that to Willow in 'Doppelganger' (and that was proved when Willow ended up gay, like her Evil! Willow self in the alternate dimension]. Spike was a sensitive [albeit bloody] poet, a romantic and a little bit of a Mama's boy. Drusilla was [in Angel's own words] a pure, clean, innocent girl who wanted to be good, a 'bride' of Christ. Angel, however, was a useless layabout, thief and womanizer. Their dominant personalities translated into their un-lives. Spike remaining essentially a romantic; Drusilla, keen on her dolls and children, despite her love for Spike she'd rather be a 'bride' to her Sire [even though she's never quite forgotten what he did to her before he turned her]; Angel, a sadist.

In many ways, I count Spike as more worthy of redemption than Angel was. I think this was touched on a little in the Angel Season 5 when they met up with each other. Angel's soul was restored with a curse. Angelus, the vampire, did not and would never had asked for his soul. Spike 'earned' his soul and was already half-way to redemption before he got it. One could almost say that the soul was just a formality. He was already more human than some of the living people on the show. I had always hoped he would 'become' human in the end. The ghost Spike was a dissapointment.
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